Student Council

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Improve the life of students at school by:
- Fostering a culture of learning and inquiry,
- Identify areas and issues related to students and community,
- Work with teachers, staff and administrators in creating projects and activities to promote citizenship, scholarship, leadership, human relations, and cultural values.

Work-out together through responsible leadership and transparency in order to:

-Promote a culture where all
 students have opportunities to be engaged in authentic and rich projects and activities
and feel respected.
-Bring awareness to students of how they can influence the school's climate.
-Promote care for the physical and emotional environment of our school and community. 

The Student Council Board meets weekly (every Tuesday) during students' lunches.

Governing Board 
Two representatives from each grade level.

In addition to sponsoring School Spirit Days and public stewardship activities, STUCO seeks out non-elected students to organize diverse activities at Tidwell Middle School as needed or requested by other clubs and departments.  


Evan Lane