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Thinking of joining orchestra next year?  You've come to the right place!  

What are my orchestra instrument choices?

Violin and Viola size descriptions
Cello and Bass size descriptions  
1. Violin

The smallest of the string instruments, the violin has the highest, brightest sound.  Because the violin often plays the melody, it is considered to be the most important instrument in the orchestra.

2. Viola

Only slightly bigger than the violin, the viola has a smoother, more mellow tone.  The viola sometimes shares the melody but more often provides much needed rich harmonies.  In orchestra music the viola is often paired with the cello because they share the same warm tone.

3. Cello

The cello is the third largest string instrument with the unique ability to play both low and higher sounds.  After the violin, the cello is next in line when it comes to playing the melody,  however cellos also often get to enjoy playing the foundation.

4. Bass

The largest of the string instruments, the bass has the lowest sounds of the orchestra.  But, did you know that a bass can also play as high as a violin?  It’s true!  The bass is capable of playing the entire range of any of the above-listed instruments.  While basses mainly provide the foundation for music, a bass also has the ability to play any melody.  An added bonus with bass is playing jazz, plus playing a double bass is just like playing an electric bass.

Need help deciding?  Watch our instrument demonstration videos!





Need more information?

Have other questions or still not sure?  Our Beginning Orchestra Q&A might help!

How do I sign up for orchestra?

1. DECIDE if orchestra is something you're interested in joining and discuss with your parents which instruments you would like to try.  

2. LIST ORCHESTRA as your 1st elective choice during middle school course selection!

3. CHOOSE the instrument you want to play.  Your choices are bass, cello, viola, or violin.

4. MEASURE to find out which size instrument you need by using the following videos and charts:

Measuring for a Cello or Bass, How-To Video

Measuring for a Violin or Viola, How-To Video

Measurement Conversion Charts

5. SUBMIT THIS GOOGLE FORM by May 7th, 2021 so we know your instrument choice and size.

6. RESERVE your rental instrument and beginning orchestra supplies.  NISD's preferred vendor is Bell's Music Shop, but you may rent from any store of your choice.  Please reserve your items now...recurring monthly rental charges will not start until the school year begins.  Thinking of purchasing?  Please talk to us first.  

Bell's Music Shop Flyer

Do I have to complete the Google Form?


Correct Class!
We need to know what instrument you selected so we can place you in the correct beginner class.
Correct Size!
All orchestra students - You need to know what size you play so you know what size to rent for home. 

Cello and Bass students - We need to know what size you play so we can provide a NISD instrument for you to use while you're at school. 

Want to make sure you didn't miss a step?

Use our handy Beginning Orchestra Checklist to make sure you're on track to start next school year on time and hassle-free!

What supplies do I need for Orchestra?

Use our Orchestra Supplies flier to make sure you have everything you need to start orchestra on day 1!

Why Orchestra?

Skills Learned in Orchestra

 Students in orchestra achieve higher scores on the SAT!

Click here to see music student SAT data from TMEA, the Texas Music Educator's Association.


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