National Junior Honor Society 

Applications for 7th and 8th Graders who would like to join  NJHS are open NOW until Sept. 30.  It is a TWO-PART application:

1. Fill out the google form HERE
2. Submit two recommendation letters.  You can print these at the end of the online application or pick up a copy from the NJHS bulletin board in the main hallway.

 Current Members Submit Volunteer Service Hours HERE
You must submit at least 9 hours per grading period.

Current Members Submit Grade Report Forms
You must submit your grades within one week of receiving report cards each grading period.

NJHS  Meetings will take place during Titan Time on the first Monday of every month.
*Dates subject to change.

National Junior Honor Society is looking for student leaders who exhibit the following principles:


The John M. Tidwell School chapter requires that members maintain academic excellency by earning all A's and B's in core subjects for each 6 week’s report card averages. Failure to maintain theses grades may result in probation and a possible dismissal hearing from NJHS.  You must also earn a Blue or Gold Titan Nation Card each six weeks.



Good citizenship encompasses your behavior.  It also includes your duties, rights, and privileges as a citizen of Tidwell Middle School. 



Service involves doing things for other people without expecting a reward. Service is volunteering to help complete a task that will enrich the life of another person. NJHS members at our school are required to participate in at least 6 hours of community service each six weeks. A student might volunteer at church, school, clubs or community.  You will submit your hours through the Top Titan program.



Leadership is highly regarded in candidates. A student may be a leader in school or community organizations. A leader is a person that other students look up to and respect. A leader sets a good example for others to follow.



Your character is the combination of qualities that distinguishes you from another person.  It is your combined moral and ethical make-up.

Ask Mrs. Foster in room 1118 or at sfoster@nisdtx.org