Please complete the enrollment form below and give to your choir director if you want to participate in the private lesson program.



1. Be fully prepared for each lesson.

2. Supply the materials as required by private study.

3. Participate in all activities required as a condition of private study.

4. Notify the instructor within 24 hours if a lesson is to be canceled unless there is an




Lessons will be taught at the school, except as arrangements needing

modifications for summer lessons. Lessons will be scheduled by the private instructor and

choir director. Lessons can be scheduled during the student’s choir class and/or during

lunch.  No lessons will be scheduled during academic time.

Should the instructor be unable to teach a lesson, missed lessons will be made-up. The choir director will aid the student by advising the private lesson instructor of concerts, programs,

holidays, testing, etc., which would result in any interruption of the regular lesson schedule.



Voice Instructors will be paid $20 per lesson ($80 p/month).  Lessons run about twenty-three to thirty minutes long, depending on the student’s passing period.  Instructors will be paid directly by

the student at the time of the lesson or monthly. Checks should be made payable to the

private lesson instructor.

Should you have specific questions about any part of the program, please contact the

student’s teacher.



Parent Information on Policies and Procedures

Please take a moment to read the information below with the detailed information about the

program. If you have any further questions, your child's choir director will be happy to

answer them.


● Private lessons are available to any student participating in middle school. Participation is completely voluntary.

● The private instructors have been recruited, interviewed, and recommended by NISD

fine arts teachers.

● Lessons are taught in practice rooms and classrooms of schools during choir classes and/or lunch hour.  No lessons will be scheduled during academic classes.

● The private lesson fee is $20.00 per lesson. Fees are paid directly to lesson


● Students provide all instructional materials (books, music etc.)

All students who participate in the program must first complete an application form with the

signature of a parent/guardian. These forms are available from either the music private

instructor or the choir directors.


Students are expected to notify music private instructors at least 24 hours​ in advance of

missing a scheduled lesson. The instructor and/or supervising director may make exceptions

in the event of sudden illness or emergency. The music private instructor may provide

makeup lessons subject to agreement with the students and parents.

The private instructors are allowed to set their own attendance policy as long as it adheres to

the following:


● Excused absences will be made up or a credit given as determined by the private

instructor. Excused absences will consist of, but not be limited to, school sponsored

trips, sickness (with proper notice), school testing, school change of scheduling,

circumstances out of student's control (fire alarm, school bus late, etc.)

● Unexcused absences will not be refunded or made up by the instructor. Unexcused

absences will consist of, but not limited to, forgetting about lessons, absences

(sickness, trips, etc.) without notification, or choosing to do another activity during

scheduled lesson time.

Students may stop taking lessons at the end of any month. A student may be dropped by an

instructor, with approval of the supervising director, for excessive absences, failure to make

satisfactory progress or unacceptable behavior.

Instructors are strongly urged to temporarily postpone student’s lessons if they are behind in

payments until that account is caught up to date.

Dear Voice Students and Parents,


Please let me say how excited I am to be in my 5th year at TMS!  It is such a blessing for me to work with students who really want to learn and improve on their gift of their voice and who share a love of music.

Students of mine will participate in a Christmas recital, Solo-N-Ensemble in the spring, and an end of the year recital. 

*I also want to encourage 7th and 8th grade students to prepare to try out for the All-Region choir in October.  It’s an educational/confidence building experience and it’s an honor to make this choir that performs in November.


My experience and training……


I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Music (voice major/piano minor) from Abilene Christian University.

After receiving my Music degree in ‘93, I taught voice lessons at N. Garland H.S., Lakeview Centennial H.S and at Lyles M.S. in Garland, Tx for many years.  Then my family relocated to North Carolina with my husband’s job where I taught elementary music and private piano at Providence Christian School in Charlotte as the public schools did not have the music enrichment programs. 


I personally took voice lessons from the age of 12 yrs. old through college and went to college on voice scholarships at both Richland Community College and then ACU (I was the only voice student asked to teach voice at Richland Community College).  I have performed in many musicals, operas and in college, traveled with an a cappella group all over the U.S. and Canada.  I have had 8+ years of private piano instruction.

I was ranked 4th in the state of Texas as a soprano my senior year in high school where I performed with the All-State Choir in San Antonio. (Students, this is such an incredible experience and honor for you and your school so please let me encourage you to try out for this every year in high school as the competition is fierce and each year builds more confidence with the try-out process) 


On the personal side…

My husband and I have been married 26 yrs. and we have two daughters, Savannah and Stella.


Savannah is newly married and is a Radiology Supervisor at Medical City-Fort Worth.  

Stella is a SENIOR at Keller HS and is in the Varsity Mixed choir and Show Choir.

We attend The Hills Church-Southlake Campus where I currently assist in leading worship on the instrumental praise teams and have directed our children’s musical.



NISD, KISD Voice Instructor/Soprano Soloist

Direct: 469-774-7750



Please complete this enrollment form and give to your Choir Director if you want to participate in the private lesson program.






I have read the parent/student information sheet and desire that my child take advantage of

the individual lessons given through the choir department of Tidwell Middle School.

I understand that Mrs. Terry, the private instructor, will make contact with each parent to arrange

a lesson time to coincide with their choir class.

I have read and agree to the guidelines put forth by Tidwell Middle School Choir lesson program.




________________________________ ____________________________________

STUDENT’S NAME                                       CHOIR CLASS PERIOD/LUNCH TIME





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________________________________ ____________________________________

HOME PHONE                                              PARENT’S WORK PHONE/CELL


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Did student take lessons during the previous school year? Yes ______ No ______


What instrument does the student play? _________________________________________

 (if choir, write “voice”)