2020 Titan Cheerleaders

Parents, please be on the lookout for an email today regarding important information. 

cheer team

Made it Meeting: May 18th at 5:30 pm (via Zoom)
All 2020 cheerleaders and their parent/guardian will receive an email invite at the email address entered in their tryout submission.  Cheerleader AND parent/caregiver should attend.

Virtual Fittings: Open on May 18th - Self Paced**
You will need a measuring tape and your phone for the fitting (in addition to your Zoom computer). If you do not already have a measuring tape, you can get one at any pharmacy, grocery store, or order online at WALMART or AMAZON.

Returning cheerleaders can use their old uniform/practice wear/shoes/etc. to help with sizes. New cheerleaders will be able to use measurements to convert sizes and enter them into Fitting Pass.  

**Questions over Fittings? Join our Zoom call on May 19th from 2-2:30 with our Varsity rep, Lana. **

*Parents will measure their cheerleader.  Cheerleaders, please don't measure yourself.*