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Our School


At Tidwell Middle School, we strive to provide excellence for every student, in every subject, every day!    


Tidwell Middle School will challenge all students to achieve excellence in a wide range
of academic, athletics and fine arts activities. With a focus on high and clear
expectations, a relevant curriculum, and appropriate safety nets, our students will
leave our campus ready and prepared for any course of study they choose at the
high school level.    

Problem of Practice

To ensure all students experience the same high levels of engagement and learning in
every classroom every day that is grounded in what we know about how people learn,
we need to build positive relationships and provide personalized learning to maximize
each student’s potential.   

Campus Goal

At Tidwell Middle School, our goal is to increase student performance in all content areas through rigorous instruction designed to meet the needs of every student in order to ensure equitable access to learning with appropriate supports for success for both in-person and remote learners.