The Truth About Drugs

Parent presentations about e-cigarettes, drug prevention taking place soon

Northwest ISD and school districts across the United States are dealing with a serious issue related to student possession and usage of electronic cigarettes, also known as vape pens or vapes. Electronic cigarettes are showing up in our schools in a variety of shapes and sizes.


E-cigs can easily be mistaken as flash drives or thumb drives, and one e-cig pod (refillable liquid) can be equivalent to 20 cigarettes. In many cases, 4-5 refill pods can be purchased for less than $20. If Northwest ISD students are caught with e-cigs, they will face suspension and may be placed in a disciplinary alternative school. Students will also be referred to our local law enforcement for being a minor in possession of tobacco.


These are extremely dangerous and students found in possession will be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allows.


There are serious consequences if any Northwest ISD student while on any Northwest ISD campus or attending any NISD activity is determined to be: 


1. in possession of THC substances in the form of vapes, THC/CBD oils, edibles or marijuana OR 

2. if they are determined to be under the influence of THC.


The student faces immediate suspension and may be placed at the NISD DAEP, referred to the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Placement (or JJAEP), expelled from Northwest ISD, and/or charged with a state jail felony offense. Cannabidiol (or CBD) oil or products with CBD or THC will not be stored in the clinic or allowed to be carried by students. Northwest ISD staff, teachers and our School Resource Officers will continue to be diligent in holding students responsible, and we will continue random drug dog searches at our schools.


How Parents Can Help

Parents can help by talking to your children about the dangers of electronic cigarettes and the seriousness of the consequences (suspension, DAEP placement, JJAEP placement, possible felony charges or being arrested). In addition, be diligent and aware of the contents of your child's backpack, clothing, vehicle and room.


Additionally, please be aware that Northwest ISD has a safe way for students to anonymously report vaping and any other unsafe behaviors or activities happening on campus. Each school website includes a button at the bottom right of its homepage (and all sub pages) that looks like a chat balloon in a red circle. This button will allow individuals to anonymously report their concerns via this form. This link is also available at


We will continue to update you on trends in our community and warnings from Northwest ISD and the Surgeon General. In addition, we invite you to learn more about the dangers of e-cigarettes and what to look for by attending the Northwest ISD Parent Presentations (which will also discuss more general topics about inappropriate drug usage) and visiting informative links, both of which are listed below.



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