2018-19 Registration and Course Request Info

Students and parents received a Course Verification by email April 23-27.  In order to request a change for these courses, use the link in the parent email to request a change to the course requests by May 11.  It is also recommended to complete an updated paper course request form to turn into the Counseling Office.  Please note:  this is not your schedule and in no way reflects the order of classes you will have next year.

Thank you!

If you are requesting changes, please consider:

  • 6th and 7th graders will have  7 periods.  8th graders will have 8 periods.  
  • All 6th graders have double blocked math, which means math is two periods.
  • All 6th graders participate in music fine art and physical education (PE).
  • All 7th graders participate in double blocked language arts, which means it is two periods. 
  • Any fine arts schedule changes will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

In order to help you understand the process, please note the following:

  • First, we enter your core ( ELA, Math, Science and Social  Studies).  
  • Next, we enter your required electives (PE, musical fine arts, and high school courses for 8th graders).
  • Last, we enter your other electives. 

Registration Information for Students going into 7th and 8th Grade

PowerPoint Presentation for 7th and 8th Grade Registration

Instructions for Entering Courses into Home Access Center (HAC)

2018-19 Middle School Course Guide

Registration Forms

7th Grade Course Request Form

8th Grade Course Request Form

Application Courses:

Office Student Aide:  8th Grade Only

Student Aide Application

Advanced Theatre Arts:  7th and 8th Grade

Contact:  Craig Robertson

AVID:  7th and 8th Grade

Application packets available in the Counseling Office

Contact:  Dedra Peacock





Media/Journalism/Yearbook Application


For questions regarding athletic forms,  contact George Lutkenhaus or Lisa Orfield at 817-215-0309