Endorsement and Personal Graduation Plan (PGP)

Student/Parent information regarding 4 year plans:

Parent Information on Naviance

8th Grade Presentation: Graduation Requirements and PGP

Creating Your 4-Year Personal Grad Plan (PGP)

Endorsement Guide

2018-2019 NISD Academic Planning Guide

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Endorsement Commitment Form

Personal Graduation Plan Form

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Career-Endorsement Crosswalk

Tidwell Middle School

Endorsements and Personal Graduation Plan

Timeline and Information-2019

 Endorsement Presentation:  January 23 in PC/CCR or AVID Class

  • Mrs. Gaither will meet with every class to go over Endorsement information
  • Reference your Naviance assessments to be prepared

    Endorsement Commitment Form:  Due Friday, February 1 in PC/CCR or AVID class

  • You must pick only 1 endorsement
  • Must be signed by student and parent
  • You will then get a detailed Endorsement Commitment form to select Endorsement Options

Endorsement Options:  Due February 8 in PC/CCR or AVID class

  • Pick your Endorsement Focus
  • You will start to plan your Endorsement Electives
  • Must be signed by student and parent

Coffee with the Counselor:  8th Grade Parent Information Night:  February 13

  • Counselors will present information about Endorsements and High School Graduation Plans
  • February 13, 9:00-10:00 am in Tidwell Library

Rough Draft of Personal Graduation Plan (PGP):  Due February 15 in PC/CCR or AVID Class

  • Done in pencil
  • Must be signed by student and parent
  • Will be reviewed by your PC/CCR or AVID teacher for completion
  • Then you will use this to meet with a counselor to help finalize, answer questions, and verify February 19-March 1

Students Meet with Counselor:  February 19-March 1 during PC/CCR or AVID class

  • Review and fine-tune PGP and answer any questions you may have

    Personal Graduation Plan:  Enter online through HAC:  February 19-March 1

  • During PC/CCR or AVID Class
  • Must meet with a counselor before you can enter into HAC

Helpful Information:

  • Extra copies of these forms are available through your PC/CCR or AVID class
  • The 2019-2020 NISD High School Academic Planning Guide will have information about courses to help you
    • Will be online through NISD website under Student:Academic Planning Guides
    • Explains course information:Pre-requisites, Credits, Course Descriptions, Course Sequences
  • The NISD Endorsement Guide will include all the classes available for each endorsement, as well as instructions for each endorsement option.
    • Shared with students through PC/CCR or AVID class