Media Ethics & Standards

Titan Media

Ethics & Standards

The Titan Media center maintains a level of Ethics & Standards consistent with any news reporting agency.  Students are eligible to apply to take Media as an elective after 6th grade.  All students wishing to be enrolled in Media need to be aware of the following Ethics & Standards that all students in the program are required to follow.


Titan Media Ethics

I.) All Media students should maintain an attitude of importance about they work they do and understand that others are watching them.

II.) All Media students should demonstrate an attitude of concern for academic progress and personal behavior.

III.) All Media students should show concern for reputation with friends and teachers.

IV.) All Media students should be able to demonstrate leadership qualities with peers and young children. 

V.) All Media students should make every effort to use technology in a responsible and morally ethical way.


Titan Media Standards

I.) All Media students will maintain passing grades in all classes.

II.) All Media students will maintain school appropriate behavior.

III.) All Media students will use equipment responsibly.

IV.) All assigned deadlines will be met.

V.) All media content will be orignial; free from plagiarism and copyright infringement.


Standard Violations will result in loss of press pass, media privileges, and possible removal from program.