Posted on 09/21/2017
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Top Titan
Community Service Program

The Titan Service Program provides a link for middle school students striving to achieve the NISD "Green Cord" Community Service Award Program in High School.

All students are encouraged to serve our community by volunteering without compensation in any area of need. Some examples are:

Service for non-profit organizations such as places of worship activities (not including worship or religious instruction), clinics, hospitals, shelters, etc.
Helping at any school before or after school (not for grade or credit) during games, fairs, cleaning projects, etc.

Students who log in at least 5 hours each of the grading periods, will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony. Students completing 50 hours or more will be eligible for the Titan Service Award Medal (50 - 99 service-hours) and the Presidential Service Award (100+ hours).

LOG IN YOUR HOURS BY FILLING OUT A PAPER COPY OF THE VOLUNTEER SERVICE RECORD (available in the LIBRARY) or submit electronically -  Click - Volunteer Service Record


September 29 - Summer Hours and 1st. Six Weeks
November 3 - 2nd Six Weeks
December 22 - Any 1st Semester Corrections Needed
February 15 - 3rd. Six Weeks
April13 - 4th. Six Weeks
May 4 - 2nd Semester Wrap UP!

Questions? E-mail or come by the Library and talk to Mrs. Correa.