Tidwell Tennis

Tidwell Team Tennis Fall 2017 Schedule                                                       Jersey Mikes Order Form

Great win Monday to give us a winning record for the season. We will be the 4th seed in our district tournament on Saturday at Eaton HS so we start playing at 9 am sharp. I will be there by 8:30 if anyone needs to get there to warm up. (It is supposed to be chilly this weekend so bring something to stay warm). There will not be transportation provided so please be sure you are able to get to Eaton on time. 

Tournament Seedings:   Boys - Girls vs Pike @ 9 am        Eaton HS - 
1350 Eagle Blvd, Haslet, TX 76052
1. Carter S                                      1. 
 Addyson T                                                  
Brandon Cr                               2. Raina L          
Ryan W                                       3. Lauren W
Parker Y                                      4. Caitlin H
Jacob L                                       5. Sydnie G
 Brady H                                      6. Taylor H
7.  Alex S
                                           7.  Aliya J

Tournament Seedings:   Boys - Girls vs Wilson @ 12 pm (estimate)
 Carter S                                       1.  Raina L
 Brandon Cr                                2.  Lauren W         
Ryan W                                         3. Caitlin H
Parker Y                                        4. Sydnie G
Jacob L                                          5. Taylor H
 Alex S                                            6. Aliya J
Brady H                                        7.  Brooklyn C
Noah L

Titan Tennis Team Roster
: Carson Bellew (8), Drew Cooley (8), Brandon Cox (7), Brandon Craven (7), Ty Emmert (8), Brady Hanson (8), Jacob Livingston (7), Noah Loomis (7), Carter Shinavier (8), Alexander Shvartz (7), Ryan Welsh (8), Parker Younger (8)

GirlsBrooklyn Chambers (7), Sydnie Ganir (8), Caitlin Humphries (8), Vienna Hunt (7), Taylor Hymas (7), Aliya Jackman (7), Raina Lyssy (8), Samari Sanchez (7), Fatoumata Siby (7), Nicki Sum (7), Addyson Tylaska (8), Lauren Wachowiak (8)

Tennis Practice @ 7:30 (except Mondays when we have a match)
Girls will practice every Tuesday and Thursday
Boys will practice every Wednesday and Friday

Fall Team Tennis Format
Only the top 7 boys and 7 girls are guaranteed a match each week. After the top 7 it all depends on the amount of time left and if the other school has enough players to play extra matches. We play 6 singles (boys & girls), 3 doubles (boys & girls) and 1 mixed doubles where the top 7 players play in these matches that accumulate points for the team.

My Background in Tennis
I grew up around tennis. My dad played for as long as I can remember, so I would go hit balls with him for fun. I didn't start playing tennis regularly until I was a sophomore in high school and was able to make the varsity team that year. I was instantly hooked due to the friends I made and by now being able to actually compete with my dad. Since high school, I took a couple tennis classes in college and I have continued to play for the past 20 years in USTA (4.5) leagues and weekly competitions with my teammates indoors at TCU. I have coached tennis through an after-school program at my previous school so I am excited to share my passion and knowledge with Tidwell Tennis. My goal is for all my athletes to have fun as part of the team, increase their ability on the court, and maintain their academics.

Coach Barrey